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Danyang H&C Optical Glasses Co.,Ltd.

No.11,Bawei Road,Development Zone,Danyang City

Jiangsu China,212300



Danyang H&C Optical Glasses Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading professional optical lens manufactures and one of biggest exporter in China supplying full range of Ophthalmic Lenses and semifinished Lens.

Now we have two factories: the old factory was established in 2002 with a factory covering area of 35acres. and has more than 300 high quliaty & skilled employees,the old factory address is NO.11Bawei road,Development zone,Danyang city,Jiangsu,China. The new one factory established in 2014 with a factory covering area of 40acres.the address is Situ Industrial Park and has more than 150 skilled employees.

H&C Optical has been focused on the development and production and production of high-quality optical products,adhering to the "Quality First " principle.There are 50 people engaged in management,technology,R&D and other important positions .Among them, the number of personnel in the undergraduate colleges and universities reached more than 30 and some returned overseas personnel joined.

At present, the company's annual output reached 20 million.the mail products are: Blue block uv420 hmc lens ,photochromic hmc lens,cr-39/1.56/1.61/1.67single vision lens,bifocal lens,progressive lens,sunlens/polarized lens and with semifinished lens ect.

All the raw materials of the company are imported, 1.499 of the raw materials are ACOMON company of Italy, CR-39 imported form USA PPG company,1.56 raw materials are imported from Korea, and 1.61,1.67 is imported from Japan.

The company had passed ISO9002(2000) standard,relevant products have been approved by Tuv according to CE standards and also registered with FDA in USA. Our 95% products export to all of the world market.such as Europe,South- America,Africa,more than 45 countries. Daily production: 50000 pair/ day

With years of experience in vision field,our lenses enjoy high reputation in overseas market due to excellent product quality,abidanced of its contracts and perfect after-sale-service.

Hope all partner visit our factory,development together !


 丹阳市海之鑫光学有限公司是中国专业光学镜片生产和最大的树脂片成品和半成品出口商之一。现已拥有2个生产基地,海之鑫光学老工厂成立于2002年,占地35亩,拥有在职员工300人,位于开发区八纬路11号,新工厂成立于2014年,占地40亩,位于司徒工业园,目前在职人员有150人,两个工厂日产量: 50000付/天。公司一直专注于优质光学产品的开发和生产创造,秉承“品质第一”的原则,从事在管理,技术,研发等重要岗位的有50人,其中本科院校的人员达到30人以上,还有部分海归人员的加入。目前公司年产量达到2000万付,主要产品是防蓝光系列镜片,变色镜片,中直高直射率镜片,双光和渐进镜片,太阳、偏光镜片及半成品镜片。公司的原料全部进口,1.499的原料进口意大利的ACOMON 公司,CR-39原料进口PPG公司,1.56原料进口韩国,1.61,1.67进口日本。公司通过了ISO9002(2000)标准,相关产品达到CE标准已被TUV论证通过,FDA 在美国注册。我们95%的产品出口销往世界各地市场,如欧洲,南非,美国,非洲等45个国家之多。凭借多年在视觉领域的经验,我们的镜片在海外市场享有很高的声誉,优良的产品质量,遵守其合同和完善的售后服务。